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Please legal advise for immigration problem?!?

Question by I_belong_to_me: Please legal advise for immigration problem?!?
my best friend was convected in class 1 misdemeanor embezzlement “moral turpitude”under 200$ anyways she played guilty to one charge and the maximum sentence is12 months the judge only sentence her to 60 days in jail all was suspended?! the lawyer who was hired by the court didn’t tell as she is gonna have a problem in emigration. I contact the emigration lawyer. and he said he cant do nothing because shes a Green card holder and she may get deported and took to jail. I contact the criminal lawyer he told as she would not be deported because the crime was up to 12 months and the only one she did. but she wanted to able to travel aboard. the lawyer told as that she may have a problem coming in if she travel. but they cant deport her. but the Q is why would they stop her from coming in. and if they DID what they gonna do to her?! she is also her husband is US citizen and her daughter is GC holder. so if she cant get deported why would they stop her from entering the US. under what law?!
by the way if u gonna be judgmental Please don’t answer. I’m looking for positive answer.
and don’t tell me she is a criminal if u dont know what happened thank u

Best answer:

Answer by tunavamp
She IS a criminal. The law has already judged her as one. There is nothing you can do. DHS is going to deport and ban her. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for you to understand that a foreign visitor committing a crime gets ban you from the US. It’s part of the contract they make with a person who gets a visa. They know that embezzlement is stealing. That is just not acceptable behavior from a guest in this country. She CAN be deported as she committed a “crime of moral turpitude”. Even green card holders can have their legal permanent resident status revoked and be deported for that. She will no longer be welcome here. Period.

No matter how many times you repost this story, the facts aren’t going to change. People convicted of crimes of moral turpitude (includes theft – i.e., shoplifting) are not admissible to the U.S. There is an exception for one petty offense (misdemeanor shoplifting is usually a petty offense but not always). Conviction of an aggravated felony is a deportable offense.

The States have given the immigration service many conviction records. Often green card holders with old convictions are stopped upon return to the U.S. from a vacation or business trip and are put in deportation proceedings.

These cases are often very complex. Conviction for what was once a college prank or a marijuana possession charge may now result in deportation for a temporary visa or green card holder.

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Someone is using my business name, please advise? trademark? copyright?

by gruntzooki

Question by Justin C: Someone is using my business name, please advise? trademark? copyright?
I cant say the business names exactly but lets say…

I have a rare breed of horse, theres only 1000 in the world. I bought a horse registry that was founded in 1999 from the original owner). The registrys name is, “Old World Horse Registry”

Someone comes along and starts their own and calls it, “Olde World Horse Registry”. Is this legal?
They are using all my information just changing around the words and even stating stories and history from the founder of my registry. (the founder did not give them permission, nor did I).

My registry is not trademarked but has been around since 1999 and is the only original registry.

Can this person do this? They are causing false destination of origin, defaming my registries name, and cause unfair competition.

This person is just doing this because they feel its not to their standards and just want to take everyone away from my registry. They are fully aware they are doing this.

I sent them a letter giving them 30 days to take it down and they havent.. just switched words around to make it seem like its not word for word.

Please help, I will contact my lawyer in the morning but I would like advice.

Best answer:

Answer by ron_mexico
When you say your business name is not “trademarked,” I assume you mean you have not registered your trademark. However, if you have been using your business name in connection with providing goods and/or services, you likely have common law trademark rights. If you’re the senior user of the mark, then you can stop a junior user from infringing on your mark.

My advice is to contact a trademark attorney ASAP. Delays may cost you your rights. Also, a stern letter sent from an attorney will likely have a much better effect than a letter from you.

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Long Island Car Accident Lawyers Can Advise You of Damage Claims

Long Island Car Accident Lawyers Can Advise You of Damage Claims

Long Island Car Accident Lawyers Can Advise You of Damage Claims

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Home Page > Law > Long Island Car Accident Lawyers Can Advise You of Damage Claims

Long Island Car Accident Lawyers Can Advise You of Damage Claims

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Posted: Oct 08, 2009 |Comments: 0



A seasoned car accident lawyer will tell you that if you’ve been wounded in a car accident, there are many sorts of damages you and your spouse may be ready to recover. Before addressing your legal rights under the law, a quick overview of car accidents in Manhattan, Suffolk County, Long Island may help.

auto Accidents in long island sadly Impact Many Lives

In 2006, car accident stats reported by the California highway Patrol’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System ( SWITRS ) made public that two folks were killed and 94 were injured in Suffolk County, Long Island automobile crashes. People who drove while intoxicated were responsible for one death and 22 crash injuries. Pedestrian accidents hurt four and motorcycle accidents wounded 7. Cycle accidents finished 2 and hurt six. In 2007, two car accidents ended in two fatal injuries.

Car Accident Victims May Seek many varieties of Damage Compensation

skilled long island automobile accident counsels know that if you suffer with a vehicle accident, you’ll face a lengthy list of medical bills that seem to go on and on. You could be entitled to recover monies for physical and mental agony and suffering, medical and rehabilitative expenses, past and future lost revenue, permanent impairment and permanent disfigurement. You are also entitled to be compensated for the loss of delight in life. And contrary to common myth, you can also be entitled to recover damages for re-injuring or irritating an injury you sustained months or years before your vehicle crash. The most important thing to remember is that if want to be fairly compensated for your wounds, you need to keep a daily diary of how the accident has influenced you, your life and your family.

Damages Sustained by Family Members Are Also Recoverable

Savvy Manhattan automobile collision counsels know that another area where you’ll recover damages has to do with family members. As an example, your partner may be entitled to damage or loss to the marital relationship. This claim can be brought by the partner and wife and is named’loss of consortium.’ Loss of consortium can be either temporary or permanent. These damages are distinguished by any damaging effect the accident has had on the marital relationship. It includes loss of the spouse’s love, companionship, comfort, affection, solace, moral support, sexual relations, capability to have kids, and physical help in the operation and maintenance of a home.

Consult an auto Accident counsel if you are doubtful About Damages

An informed Manhattan car crash lawyer will help you detail the damages springing from your automobile accident. he can advise which of these is recoverable and help you assign a dollar value to such damages as agony and suffering.

Some of the best car accident lawyers offer no charge, no pressure consultations. And charges are generally on an as and when basis ( charges are paid after your case settles ).

It is important for you to be comfortable with the long island car accident lawyer that you ultimately choose. There are many places where you can view videos on long island car accident lawyers. The most important factor in choosing an accident lawyer is his knowledge, skill and experience handling injury claims. When you are choosing a Long Island car accident lawyer it is important to ensure that they have sufficient experience to be able to deal with your case effectively.

Be sure to look at reviews and take recommendations from your friends and relatives when choosing a long island car accident lawyer who will be right in your particular situation.

Look at some Long Island car accident lawyers videos at

Retrieved from “

(ArticlesBase SC #1316126)

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Austin Mckenzie
About the Author:

Author of numerous law related articles, Austin Mckenzie has a long and distinguished legal background and is working on a sure to be best selling novel about the analytics of personal injury law.


Questions and Answers

Ask our experts your Law related questions here…200 Characters left

I was hit from behind and have only 3rd party, fire and theft. Can I engage my insurance company to sort out the damage/claim with their insurance ?
If I am in a car accident in california where the car is registered and someone is injured and decided to file a lawsuit can my parents in North Carolina who cosigned with me on the car be held liable
I was involved in a car accident where my ,000 car was totaled. I am suffering neck pain and have been to the doctor. What do I do from here?

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Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer Written Article: Automobile – Car Accident – Damages – Pain & Suffering

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The Safest Cars On The Road Today For Teenagers

Consumer Reports and Insurance Institute For Highway Safety reports cited on vehicle safety. ESC, ABS, and airbags top the list of must-have safety features. A mid-size family sedan is your best bet.

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Many people have a special relationship with their lawyer that makes them feel uncomfortable about complaining if they suspect legal negligence. This article shows that there is no need to be embarrassed as your lawyer will be covered by professional liability insurance for just such eventualities.

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What is judicial notice?

Judicial notice is a system in the law of evidence in common-law countries which allows courts to incorporate into evidence facts which are generally known or obvious. However, the parties can which judges may incorporate by what is known as judicial notice.

David Colemanl
Jan 04, 2011

How is statistical evidence treated in court?

Judges tend to treat statistical evidence with some scepticism. However, there are some exceptions including DNA evidence.

David Colemanl
Jan 04, 2011

The varying standards of proof in civil and criminal trials

In a civil trial, a defendant or plaintiff must prove their case on the balance of probabilities. However, in a criminal trial the prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. The civil standard thought to be a fixed standard. The criminal one a floating standard.

David Colemanl
Jan 04, 2011

How do courts identify when to admit evidence in court?

There is a very strict process of identifying whether or not evidence is admissible in court for the purposes of both civil and criminal trials. Knowing this is evidence process is extremely important, otherwise you may not be able to present evidence in court when you believe it could be presented.

David Colemanl
Jan 04, 2011

How does the rule of relevance work in relation to the admissibility of evidence?

Relevance is probably the first and most important rule of evidence in relation to civil and criminal trials. If evidence is presented which is irrelevant to the case, it will not be admitted by the court.

David Colemanl
Jan 04, 2011

How Can You Trademark A Slogan?

If you would like to trademark your company’s slogan then you first should be aware that the trademarking process can vary from one jurisdiction to another. However, wherever you live one of the first things that you will have to do is to make sure that the slogan you would like to trademark has not been trademarked already.

Wendy Moyerl
Jan 04, 2011

Kevin Garnett�s Injury Not So Significant

NBA and Kevin Garnett fans had been waiting with baited breath to know how really serious the injuries of this NBA star had been. When Kevin walked out of the court situated at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Wednesday night, everybody thought Kevin had injured himself terribly. Though the preliminary tests were almost negative, the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test allayed fears of all the concerned, and particularly that of his fans. Most folks do not want to see the Lakeshow win a…

Warren Brownl
Jan 04, 2011

Sports Betting Systems – a safe bet ?

The majority use the terms sports betting and sports investing convertibly. They think that both terms mean roughly a similar thing. They are highly mistaken. Sports investing is as different from sports betting as trading on the Street is from gambling in las vegas. The folks that understand the sophisticated yet obvious differences are those who may be able to make a profit from sporting events. The 1st level of difference to be discussed is the area of responsibility.


Austin Mckenziel

Arts & Entertainment>
Online Gamblingl
Oct 15, 2009

Long Island Car Accident Lawyers Can Advise You of Damage Claims

An experienced car accident lawyer will tell you that if you have been hurt in a car accident, there are plenty of sorts of damages you and your partner may be in a position to recover. Before addressing your legal rights under the law, a brief top level view of automobile accidents in long island, may help.

car Accidents in Suffolk County, Long Island sadly Impact Many Lives

In 2006, auto accident statistical data reported by the California road Patrol’s Statewide Inte…

Austin Mckenziel
Oct 08, 2009

Personal Injury Lawyer – How to Choose

Your loved one was hurt in a retirement home due to staff carelessness. Of course you would like someone to be accountable and ensure it doesn’t happen to anyone else. You also want the responsible parties to make your folks full for the wounds. What do you do? It is time to find a very good injury lawyer. One who will really hear you and ensure you get satisfaction.

You and your loved one need to be compensated. An assertive lawyer can help you cut thru the red tape and c…

Austin Mckenziel
Oct 08, 2009

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Author of numerous law related articles, Austin Mckenzie has a long and distinguished legal background and is working on a sure to be best selling novel about the analytics of personal injury law.

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I need Legal advise from a “Vehicle accident lawyer”! Please!?

Question by Josh: I need Legal advise from a “Vehicle accident lawyer”! Please!?
It’s been almost two years now that my mom got in a car accident. At the time she didn’t know what to do, she unfortunately saw a commercial of a lawyer the name was “Wilshire Law Firm” located in Los Angeles,CA so they took over the case. Now my mom has been contacting the other parties insurance and they tell her the case is already closed, they already gave the lawyer $ 7,000.00USD, so my mom contacts the lawyer and they tell her there still waiting on a response from the hospital and the chiropractor so they could “Settle”, She contacted the hospital to learn that they havent even heard of the settlement, and that they havent heard from the lawyer an over 2 months. I know they have 7gs and the hospital bills arent even near that amount, Why hasent she recieved any money reguarding this issue yet? What can we do if she doesnt recieve payment soon, or not at all?

Best answer:

Answer by larina ullo
I had the exact same problem a while back. Save yourself some time by go through over here

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