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Worldwide Email Address Finder.

Worldwide Email Address Finder.
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Worldwide Email Address Finder.

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Is there a “no post” list similar to the “no call” list so I can keep my e-mail address and not worry about?

Question by delux_version: Is there a “no post” list similar to the “no call” list so I can keep my e-mail address and not worry about?
SPAM! I know there are tons of anti spam, anti ads, and the like, but I just wish I could cleanse my account of these constant ads. I don’t want to contact my alumni, I don’t need a divorce lawyer and I am very happy with my equipment down there thank you very much! I buy one thing and give them my e-mail address and now I’m hit with 10 spam per hour! Arrrrrrg!

Best answer:

Answer by susan w
So far, for 4 years, I have been able to stay almost completely free of SPAM, but Yahoo catches it for me. If I ever see an email from someone I do not recognize, I usually spam it, especially if there are mis-spellings or if the file is large.

There appears to be a safe way to view a tiny bit more of the email without getting anywhere near opening it. I simply go to the Search Email and type in the person’s name or whatever the comment line says. It quietly brings up a short paragraph. This has saved me more than once. Maybe it is not completely safe, but nothing has happened.

Now for keeping your computer and emails clean. I would first check my Security settings. I only allow cookies from sites I have visited, I shut down my computer regularly, so that I am signed off the internet. I never select the option “Remember Me” and I regularly do a “Clean-Up” to keep things running smoothly. As follows on my system, but yours probably will be different.

“Delete Cookies”, “Empty Cache”, and in History – “Clear”
Shut down computer. Wait 30 seconds. Start (not restart-it is different!)
Sign in anew, and having taken a few security precautions, you should be able to be rid of most of the stuff that flies at us through the internet.

You might set up a secondary email address, for surfing the internet, that you just do not open, except to verify information on an order.

Good luck. Hope this helps you.

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How do poor Amercans making $6-8/hr cheat on their income tax? Do they hire lawyers & has an address in ILL?

by TitaniumDreads

Question by Taco: How do poor Amercans making -8/hr cheat on their income tax? Do they hire lawyers & has an address in ILL?
Like most rich Americans!!!

Very American

I heard Fox News is making it mandatory that all Fox News employee fly a US flag and has bumper stickers on their cars saying “Support the troops = pay income tax”

Best answer:

Answer by Army Retired Guy
LOLOL Your hilarious, at the end of the year when you do your tax return, if your making 6 to 8 an hour, you don’t pay any taxes LOLOL Unless your single, then, go to school to get a job making more than 6 to 8 bucs an hour. Hard work its the American dream!

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Legalmatch and Trial Lawyers for Public Justice to Address Potential Environmental Cases Nationwide

Oakland and San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 27, 2005

LegalMatch (, America’s leading provider of online legal services for both attorneys and clients, and Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, a national public interest law that brings cases designed to make a difference, today announced an alliance to address potential environmental cases nationwide. As part of this agreement, LegalMatch will provide leads on possible precedent-setting environmental law cases and TLPJ (, using its trial lawyers’ skills and resources, will evaluate the possibility of legal action.

“I am very excited about this partnership with TLPJ,” said Doug Ott, Vice-President of Strategic Alliances at LegalMatch. “It gives LegalMatch an opportunity to do what we do best — match up potential clients with great lawyers. We’ll be supporting the many environmental clients coming to us looking for help and a great public interest law firm that could represent them to fight pollution and protect our nation’s environment.”

The partnership with TLPJ represents the first pro bono LegalMatch membership in the company’s history.

“We are thrilled to be working with LegalMatch on this crucial project,” said TLPJ Executive Director Arthur Bryant. “It could bring us together with more people throughout America to prevent injuries and protect our country’s air, water, and land. We hope it will enable LegalMatch to further its mission of making sure that those who need help can find appropriate, essential legal representation.”

LegalMatch estimates providing dozens of potential environmental cases monthly to TLPJ, whose wide-ranging litigation docket covers everything from toxic tort and environmental protection cases to lawsuits designed to advance consumers’ rights, civil rights and civil liberties, workers’ rights, access to the courts, and protection of the poor and the powerless.

About Trial Lawyers for Public Justice

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice is the only public interest law firm dedicated to using trial lawyers’ skills and resources to advance the public good. Founded in 1982, TLPJ utilizes a network of more than 3,000 of the nation’s outstanding trial lawyers to pursue precedent-setting and socially significant litigation. TLPJ is the principal project of The TLPJ Foundation, a not-for-profit membership organization. It is headquartered in Washington, DC, with a West Coast office in Oakland, California. The TLPJ web site address is

About LegalMatch

Established in 1999, with a formal site-launch in 2000, LegalMatch is the nation’s premiere provider of online legal services. LegalMatch is the best place for consumers to find the right attorney and for attorneys to build and focus a practice. Corporate offices are located in San Francisco and Los Angeles. For more information regarding the company or this initiative, please contact Don Keane, Vice-President of Marketing at (415) 946-0855.

# # #

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