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A Peace Corps for the 21st Century?

As a young federal lawyer in 1960, Bill Josephson co-authored The Towering Task, a bold paper that became the blueprint for the creation of The Peace Corps in 1961. Josephson held a number of key positions with the Peace Corps during the 1960s and has remained a close colleague and friend of Sargent Shriver throughout their illustrious public service careers. A nationally known expert on nonprofit law, Josephson is also a leading expert on the Electoral College, making this November event an especially timely opportunity to hear from him. In this presentation, Mr. Josephson draws upon his deep involvement in the Peace Corps’ founding to challenge us, and a new Peace Corps Director, with ideas for the 21st Century Peace Corps. This event was held at UMBC on 11/13/08 as part of the Shriver Peaceworker Fellows Program.
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