Signing off parental rights and child support?

Question by myke: Signing off parental rights and child support?
Ok, first to start off, if you think I’m a dead beat dad then go ahead.Im just asking what if and what will i do. There was this girl who wanted to get with me, but I never wanted to. One night I became very drunk and we did something(yea yea, blame it on the alcohol). Then 2 weeks later she was pregnant when i thought she was taking birth control pills after tripping about me and her having sex. I know its mine for many factors which i don’t want to explain. We talk about abortion cause we are still young( 23 and 22 yrs old). Then she said she would do it if I broke up with my current girlfriend in another state and if I were to tell all my friends. But no it didn’t happen. I know girls have their excuses for not having abortion. Now its been 6months and i found out the only reason she kept it is because she wants me to be with her and shes using the child to get me closer to her everyday. I told her couple days ago that I don’t want to be with her no matter what happens and that me and my girlfriend will be getting married one of these days(yes, my girlfriend knows the whole situation). I want to sign off parental rights and I know she will file for child support no doubt about it. She wants to ruin my life and if you are a girl reading this I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND. I hate myself for what happen and became kinda suicidal about the whole thing before. She treats me like we were married or even together as a couple(she stalks me, tries to find out what I’ve been doing, and makes me feel bad for her). I respect ladies ok and Ive never treat them bad.I’m a good guy, but this girl just makes my life a hell everyday. I live in washington state, now besides telling me to get a lawyer,”shouldve kept it in my pants” blah blah blah, can someone give me real advise about signing off parental rights and what are MY RIGHTS and what can I use against her in court to lower child support. This is really getting out of hand. And to the women who read this, I’m sorry, but I know I sound like a dead beat dad, I never wanted to be one, its just the person who became pregnant was someone i didnt want a family with and shes REALLY CRAZY even other girls i know are on my side about this.Thanks…

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Answer by due 8/09
i cant feel sorry for a guy that cant make good choices. you use alcohol as an excuse, well its not sorry! “keep it in your pants” is RIGHT! you play you pay – now you gona pay!

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