Q&A: what would you do ? You work for a lawyer &?

by ekai

Question by Jooli C – qld – oz: what would you do ? You work for a lawyer &?
They’re (the lawyer & lawyers spouse) constantly intimidating to all staff members, including other lawyers. They scream & swear at staff over stupid things. Its abuse. They wont pay superannuation and staff don’t know if they’re paying their taxes for them even though they say they are. The tax office wont tell us without the ABN No & they wont give it to us. When staff ask about anything they either say “oh yeah, we’ll fix it up” or “do you want to keep your job, because I’m sure we could find some-one else who would love your job” & then nothing happens. They make staff feel really bad if they’re ever sick or want holidays & they wont let any of staff talk or be friends during or after work. They refuse to give staff job descriptions or proper pay slips & always say they’ve been working for them less than they have & have less holidays & sick leave than they should have. They wont give anyone letters of employment or letters of separation & whenever someone leaves or gets fired they tell the staff they are never to speak to that person again because that will be a breach of confidentiality. The staff all get pretty low pay as well, nothing a cent over the industry awards and they all work so hard. They’re so sick of being bullied & threatened by these horrible people. I was wondering if any one else had this experience working for lawyers. They seem to think they can get away with anything and have no consequences. The staff just want a normal job with normal people.
Help & comments please !!!
Especially from any lawyers or legal staff…
Please don’t say “just leave & get another job”… =)

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Answer by tacotorch
So you work for some scumbag Lawyers and they treat you and the rest of the staff like dogs, it won’t get better. Do you think it will get better? I don’t.

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