Q&A: What kind of settlement should we expect from an auto accident?

Question by butterfliangie: What kind of settlement should we expect from an auto accident?
Me and my fiance were involved in an auto accident where the other driver was completely at fault. This accident happened over 2 1/2 years ago. I was pregnant at the time and my fiance had to have surgery and 6 months of therapy to rebuild his shoulder. We lost all of our income for 7 months. His medical bills and lost wages exceeded 100 thousand $ . Now we are trying to settle and the insurance company offered to pay the medical bills,lost wages plus 5,000 dollars “pain and suffering” We are not trying to be greedy here but it seems like nothing compared to what was messed up by the accident. Our lawyer seems so non chalant about it. My fiance asked about the 3x the medical bills for pain and suffering and our lawyer told him it was a myth and not to expect more than what the ins. com. offered the 1st time. Does this seem fair…I’m seriously considering getting a 2nd opinion from a different lawyer…anybody been through the same kind of thing…what was the end result? Thanks!
We are not trying to make a “profit” off of it…but I had to basically be a caregiver to a grown man for 3 months while I was 7 -9 months pregnant…His doctors say he has permanent disability in his right arm/shoulder that could definitly cause probs later in life (we were only 23 when it happened) Not to mention we were financially set until this happened and when my daughter was born we had to borrow money just to buy the nessicitiys needed for her.
Our attorney isn’t offering any advice and the policy limit is $ 500,000 per person so $ 5,000 did seem silly to me
No…it doesn’t include lost earning potential

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Answer by Michael M
Your not supposed to be making a profit off of it. Why should the insurance company give you anymore?

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