Q&A: Should I get a Lawyer for Custody?

Question by Cassie B: Should I get a Lawyer for Custody?
I got offered a job (which I accpeted) and have given notice to my current employer and will be moving 110 miles (driving distance) away from my current residence. According to the standard parenting time aggrement that is in place in Michigan, if you move more than 100 miles away from the other party(not sepcified driving or radius) you need courts permission. However, if you do a 100 mile radius from my current residence (“as the crow flys” or put my city in the middle of a circle and go out 100 miles and draw a circle) I am within 100 miles, right around 96 miles. My ex wants to fight that I am moving more than 100 miles…. I have offered to meet him to where I would drive 65 miles and he drive 40…He doesnt want to take me up on this offer…. Being a single parent I dont have to money to spend on a lawyer if I dont have a much of a chance I would rather not waste the money. Any advice? or suggestions for free/ low cost lawyers in MI if you do think I should fight it?
FYI.. His grandparents will pay for him to get a lawyer if need be…. I unfortunatly cannot choose to move 10 miles closer to my ex as I am moving in with my Boyfriend of 2 years who already owns his house.

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Answer by Tammy C
Tough one tough one, I would start by going to your local library and asking for a book on child custody in Michigan. There are many books by many different authors that can help educate you about your rights and teach you what you need to know and how to defend yourself in a court of law.

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