Q&A: Liberty Mutual Workers Idaho Workers Comp?

Question by ma_audio_tercel: Liberty Mutual Workers Idaho Workers Comp?
My husband was in a terrible accident while working. What I want to know is if anybody has had Dr. Friedman as thier doctor and there experiance as him for their workerscomp doctor. Did you by chance go to the famous Elk Rehabilitation Center what was your outcome? What about your personal dealings with Liberty Mutual thereselves. Does anybody Know Monte Whitter the lawyer for Liberty Mutual. I would like to get peoples real life stories out there. I am starting hear first. If anybody would like to share a personal story with me you can reach me at I am desperate to hear your personal stories. I need to find answers for all people who think workers comp is fair or unfair. I need to know your injury and what happened in turn I will share my families. How many people have been turned away because they were called “drug addicts”
agent 1 have you ever been hurt on the job?
Meaning drug addicts because you were a chronic pain patient.

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Answer by Agent Smith
LM is one of the better companies out there.

Any insurance company, however, will only pay what is legally required of them. No more, no less.

Your best bet is consult with an attorney.

Good luck.

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