Q&A: Is this reportable to CPS in Idaho?

Question by Amy M welcomed twins 12-7-08: Is this reportable to CPS in Idaho?
My 8 year old daughter informed me yesterday that while she was at her dad’s in Idaho (we live in Utah) several things happened, that I find extremely disturbing. Her dad lives with his girlfriend who is very low class and has some mental problems. During this last visit they left my daughter and the girlfriend’s 8 year old girl in the care of her 12 year old boy and went out. The girlfriend got really drunk and my daughter’s dad had the kids all go upstairs and hide in a bedroom while he brought the girlfriend in and told them not to come out until he put her to bed. My daughter also told me that several times her dad took her out of the house very quickly when the girlfriend started behaving badly and gave my daughter some bull**** story about her having an allergic reaction to a pill. He told her that the “allergic reaction” caused her to act that way. My daughter said she was yelling and name calling but wasn’t real clear about what. This woman has had my ex beaten up by one of her other boyfriends in front of her kids, fights with him in front of my daughter, and my ex-husband is stupid enough to tell my 8 year old daughter that his girlfriend sneaks wine and drank it all while he was in the bathroom. He’s stupid enough to tell my girl that his girlfriend hits him. So is this something that CPS would get involved in? I don’t have his address either. Until recently, I was under the impression that he was living with his parents and that’s the address I have. Do I need that for CPS? I’m also going to talk to an attorney about stopping the visitations or at least making them supervised. The divorce happened in Idaho, can I start legal proceedings here in Utah? I won’t be sending her back there any time soon but I have to allow visitation, at least until I get the court to say otherwise. Can I get a restraining order against the girlfriend on my daughter’s behalf? Please help me. No lawyers offices are open today and I’m having a hard time finding anything else out online. Thank you.

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Answer by Mike Tyson
He’s just a douchebag. He wil get his trust me.

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