Q&A: I am Canadian and will be marrying an American and relocating there..options available?

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Question by barbaraj2020: I am Canadian and will be marrying an American and relocating there..options available?
This is the situation. I am a Canadian & my fiance American. We met online over 2 years ago & have travelled back & forth during that time. He proposed & wants me to move there. No objections here. The thing is we want to live together (to truly further get to know eachother before we marry & make sure we are making the right choice) I know I can legally stay as a visitor in the US for up to 6 months, after that I must return. We dont want to file for a K1 visa before I enter the US because we’d have to marry within 90 days of me entering the US, & the point is we want to wait, live together & be sure. I’m wondering if anyone is familiar with US Immigration Lawyers. If I enter the US as a visitor and we wait let’s say 3-6 months over when a visitor should stay, will an Immigration Lawyer still process papers for us? Like I said we want to be sure, and wait a bit on things and we hate the thought of having “timelines” in which we need to make our decision. Any thoughts would be great.
As well, if I enter the US for 6 months and return home, I can not re-enter for 6 more months. It also isn’t financially, physically feesible for me to uproot and move tehre for 6 months, than him uproot and move here for 6 months, etc. We just don’t want to get into any trouble with Immigration at all, but want to be sure that marriage is the right thing.
Apparently ttpawpaw is a bitter person…but moving on… If I just go into the US as a visitor for 6 months stating that I will be staying with my b/f they wouldnt have any grounds to deny me entry would they? I just returned early jan from a 9 day stay down there, but wouldn’t be going again until July.

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Answer by type2negative
DO NOT overstay visitors visa. You will be totally screwed up. (canada seem to be close to US, but once you screwup, it will take couple years the best to reunite).

Try tourist visa for 10 years or something. Even though yu can go to US fow/o visa, you still can apply for one.

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