Q&A: How long is normal for a lawyer to respond to your question?

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Question by Info Sponge: How long is normal for a lawyer to respond to your question?
I am in a case based on contingency.
My original lawyer was fab and I slept well at night knowing that he was taking care of things.
He left the company and started his own firm.
The office seems overwhelmed since he left. I can go months without any correspondance, and all correspondance is based on me asking.
At first I gave them the benefit of the doubt and assumed the whole time that they were working on my case, but when I beg for an update I pretty much realize that nothing has happened.
I had to remind them five weeks ago that the statute of limitations was coming up. They filed for an extension.
I haven’t spoken to my “offical lawyer” for over a year. The three times I’ve asked for a conferance call, all-of-a-sudden my lawyer has been changed.
It’s too late and expensive to change firms at this point. It’s hard to get out of a contingency agreement (40%). They are actually a good firm but understaffed. They keep telling me that they can’t respond because they will be travelling for court.
Because of the time frame, I’ve had to take the bull by the horns and do my own research, hire my own para-legal, do my own asset search, research medical journals, secure witnesses, and so on.
I’m not interested in harrassing them, I’m only interested in settling my case as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Considering that we have only 9 weeks to file suit: The last email they sent me was three weeks ago. It was to say that they will be in trial on another case.
I’ve sent an email about every ten days asking to arrange a conferance call and asking if they have the lab results to send me. I’ve only been able to speak to them on the phone once in 12 months. It’s been three weeks since an email reply.
I’ve never been in a civil case before (hopefully will never have to again).
Is this normal or am I being too polite slash screwed?

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Answer by jsmack19
Go to their office. Correspondence should be returned within 48 hours.

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