Q&A: Head of Court apointed for 29 years, to a new lawyer?? felony case – First offence?

Question by elguy81: Head of Court apointed for 29 years, to a new lawyer?? felony case – First offence?
1. I am going to court for automobile insurance fraud, now this is a felony if i plea. My lawyer told me that he can try to swing for a mistameanour plea.

2. He can not promise anyhting, but what he can promise is that he will work harder than the ” head of court apointed lawyer” that i have now..

3. All the motions, and evidence has been given to my attorney. Now, my attorney is known and respected in superiour court. HE has been court apointed for 28 years.

4. This new lawyer i am talking to, he knows the DA they went to school or something togethere. Does this help, or can it equal the same relation ship and respect my lawyer has with the DA that is working on the case.

5. The new lawyer is charging me, 10k,, five up front for my case. and he will try to go to trial and make a plea of mistameanor, instead of a felony.

6. Does this mean that, he will try to plea to a mistameanor befor trial. But he stated that he will go to trial with this. Sorry if i contradicted and confused with the begining of this sentance.

Note: I have a clean record, this so called fraud is set to had happen in 2003, march and i have been in College ever since, graduate from Computer Enginering in 2010.
1. New lawyer stated, he can fight for a mistamenour.
2. I was told the same to stick with the court apointed, in superior court.
3. Would a mistamenour affect my employment in the engineering field
4. Or should i just take it to trial and see what happens..
5. Someone plead guilty to our case, because he got a sweeet deal.. I dont want to do that

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Answer by Slappy
If your court appointed lawyer is a public defender, stick with him or her. They are usually the best trial lawyers you can find in any county.

He is saying that he will try to get a deal where you can plead guilty to a misdemeanor in exchange to dropping the felony. He is also saying that if this doesnt happen, he is willing to go to trial.

Either way, stick with the public defender.

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