Q&A: Divorce question, please HELP?

by publicenergy

Question by Amanda: Divorce question, please HELP?
I am so confused, my husband wants a divorce…
We have two children together and he says I “go out” too much. Except for my “going out” is running errands that I’m unable to do during the day with two small children.
He wont talk to me. Of all things he sent me a text message telling me I need to find a good divorce lawyer. I’m so confused about what to do, I thought things were great but I guess I was totally wrong. What am I supposed to do? Also everything in this house is his, including the kids. He told me to pack my sh*t and leave.
Please HELP me.
No prenup, he’s too tired when he gets off work to help with the errands….
why would this be fake? people its called sarcasm…. he says evrything in our house is “his” including our kids.

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Answer by altaduo
First,talk to a lawyer b4 you do anything and did you have a prenuptial agreement? If not,you may have rights to much of the property despite the name on the bill of sale.

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