Pregnant by someone else, TN divorce and or paternity laws?

Question by firechick1721: Pregnant by someone else, TN divorce and or paternity laws?
I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year. He has been separated (not legally) from his wife for over a year. He talked to a lawyer about divorce, lawyer said that they needed to file bankruptcy first. He barely makes enough money to pay rent. Today we found out that his “wife” was pregnant, of course it is not his (besides him not being with her, he is fixed– i figure someone will make that comment) i have been looking online, but could not find specifics, only hearsay. What we want to know is: Can you get a divorce in Tennessee while pregnant? Will his name have to go on the birth certificate? Will they make him pay child supoort? Will they make him pay for the paternity test? Any and all info and links you can give would be greatly appreciated!!

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Answer by Artemis Gwen
Yes. Of course you can get a divorce while the wife is pregnant. And he better RUN his behind to the courthouse and file the paperwork. Waiting to declare bankruptcy is stupid. He needs to get the marriage dissolved before the baby his born.

Generally, when a child is born to a woman who is married the husband is presumed to be the father. And yes, that can include a child support obligation.

Your boyfriend needs to go speak with a family law attorney in your state and find out what he is looking at and what he needs to do.

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