Pre-Paid Legal Services pt 4 Hi, my name is Brandon Price and I am an independent associate for Pre-Paid Legal Services. Here is the presentation video about becoming a member and an assiciate with Pre-Paid Legal Services. Pre-Paid Legal Services is a 36 year old New York Stock Exchange publically traded company that offers a service no one can match: Pre-Paid Legal Services!!! Basically, it’s having a top notch law firm on retainer 24/7 and only having to pay .95 a month or less! You’ll definetely benefit from the membership so dont waste any time in signing up! You can also promote the membership yourself and make $ $ $ doing it! Imagine, telling your friends and family about this great membership and getting paid to do it! Watch the video and it will give you all the information you need to start yourself on the right track to success! I’m sure your going to have some questions, so feel free to email me @ or call me @ 253-720-8326. If your ready to sign up, go to and click on “Enroll Now”
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