Please legal advise for immigration problem?!?

Question by I_belong_to_me: Please legal advise for immigration problem?!?
my best friend was convected in class 1 misdemeanor embezzlement “moral turpitude”under 200$ anyways she played guilty to one charge and the maximum sentence is12 months the judge only sentence her to 60 days in jail all was suspended?! the lawyer who was hired by the court didn’t tell as she is gonna have a problem in emigration. I contact the emigration lawyer. and he said he cant do nothing because shes a Green card holder and she may get deported and took to jail. I contact the criminal lawyer he told as she would not be deported because the crime was up to 12 months and the only one she did. but she wanted to able to travel aboard. the lawyer told as that she may have a problem coming in if she travel. but they cant deport her. but the Q is why would they stop her from coming in. and if they DID what they gonna do to her?! she is also her husband is US citizen and her daughter is GC holder. so if she cant get deported why would they stop her from entering the US. under what law?!
by the way if u gonna be judgmental Please don’t answer. I’m looking for positive answer.
and don’t tell me she is a criminal if u dont know what happened thank u

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Answer by tunavamp
She IS a criminal. The law has already judged her as one. There is nothing you can do. DHS is going to deport and ban her. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for you to understand that a foreign visitor committing a crime gets ban you from the US. It’s part of the contract they make with a person who gets a visa. They know that embezzlement is stealing. That is just not acceptable behavior from a guest in this country. She CAN be deported as she committed a “crime of moral turpitude”. Even green card holders can have their legal permanent resident status revoked and be deported for that. She will no longer be welcome here. Period.

No matter how many times you repost this story, the facts aren’t going to change. People convicted of crimes of moral turpitude (includes theft – i.e., shoplifting) are not admissible to the U.S. There is an exception for one petty offense (misdemeanor shoplifting is usually a petty offense but not always). Conviction of an aggravated felony is a deportable offense.

The States have given the immigration service many conviction records. Often green card holders with old convictions are stopped upon return to the U.S. from a vacation or business trip and are put in deportation proceedings.

These cases are often very complex. Conviction for what was once a college prank or a marijuana possession charge may now result in deportation for a temporary visa or green card holder.

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