New York City Divorce Lawyer Announces Opening of Her New York City Divorce Lawyer Office –

(PRWEB) April 10, 2005

Lisa Beth Older, a prominent New York City Divorce Lawyer is pleased to announce that she has opened a new office in Battery Park City serving as a local New York City divorce attorney.

This New York City Divorce Lawyer has published New York Divorce articles and has co-written and produced New York Divorce Videos. As a New York City divorce lawyer appearing in New York Supreme Court on New York City divorce cases and on other divorce cases, she plans on holding free New York City divorce seminars to be conducted by New York City divorce attorneys and other formidable professionals. The divorce seminars are in the planning stages for this summer. Free information on NY divorce will be provided by the New York Divorce attorneys themselves. Information on how you may be able to settle your divorce issues out of court will also be provided. This is not intended to be legal advice nor shall this substitute the necessity of seeking your own divorce attorney.

This is a program designed to help people less fortunate than the average person who might not be able to afford to pay for a seminar.

Professionals are expected to pitch in and assist the New York State Divorce lawyers in the presentation of such materials, such as mediators, arbitrators, and counselors and psychologists. Financial advisors may also be on hand such as tax lawyers. Everyone will be welcome to participate on an rsvp basis. Please call New York State Divorce Lawyer for free information pertaining to when the next event will be held or visit us on line at “” or “” The more interest that is expressed in this program the sooner the program may be held.

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