Los Angeles DUI Lawyer Offers Helpful Tips on New Website

(PRWEB) August 4, 2005

If you or someone close to you has ever been arrested for drunk driving in Los Angeles County, you realize that California DUI laws and procedures are complex and the punishment severe. You may also have learned the hard way that Los Angeles criminal lawyers are often unfamiliar with those complexities — including such important issues as breath-alcohol evidence, “field sobriety tests” and the California DMV’s administrative hearings and penalties for DUI driver’s license suspensions.

A prominent Los Angeles DUI attorney now offers a website filled with the information you need to know if you or a loved one ever faces a Los Angeles DUI arrest. Lawrence Taylor, nationally known as the “Dean of DUI Lawyers”, is a former Los Angeles prosecutor, professor of law, and author of the standard legal textbook in the field, “Drunk Driving Defense, 5th Edition”. Taylor has specialized in DUI defense since 1979, and is today one of only 4 California DUI attorneys who is Board-certified by the National College for DUI Defense/American Bar Association as a DUI Specialist. His Los Angeles DUI law firm of 8 lawyers, including 4 former prosecutors, specializes in drunk driving defense exclusively and has received the highest rating possible by the prestigious “Martindale-Hubbell International Law Directory.”

The new website ( ), provides helpful information on such important topics as:

What driving patterns Los Angeles patrol officers are looking for

What to expect and what to do during a DUI investigation and arrest

How to save your California driver’s license from a DUI suspension

Police evidence in DUI cases, including field sobriety tests

How to calculate your probable blood-alcohol level

Information about the criminal courts of Los Angeles County

How the California DMV suspension hearings work

Procedures for getting a copy of your driving record

Finding an experienced and competent Los Angeles DUI defense attorney

In the website’s section on “Police DUI Evidence,” for example, subjects are covered such as types of driving which will attract the attention of police; personal behavior and appearance which are symptoms of intoxication (flushed face, slurred speech, fumbling with wallet, etc.); field sobriety tests (walk-and-turn, one-leg-stand, nystagmus and others); breath testing in the field with PAS (preliminary alcohol screening) devices; avoiding incriminating statements; and chemical testing used in Los Angeles County — blood, breath and urine (including some defects in breath testing).

You may visit the Los Angeles DUI Lawyers website at for further information.


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