Legal problems and lawyer problems?

Question by Moongrl76: Legal problems and lawyer problems?
Last month I signed a plea deal because the judge denied our suppression motion. My lawyer then suggested I sign a Plea deal. I wasn’t sure and didn’t completely understand what I was signing but he said “This is the best we can do, you won’t get jail time and you need to pay a fine and court fee. I said okay, will I loose my drivers license and will I have to take more classes? He says No, you’ve already done it. We go to court and thought it was done. I agreed to plead no contest. Yesterday, I get a letter from DMV telling me my license has been suspended for another six months and I need to complete the 6 month class. A year ago DMV required me to complete first offender 3 month class. I did that. I had trouble getting my lawyer to return my calls. It’s been 1 1/2 year I got my license back Mar 06. Now I find out my license was suspended again the same day I left court. I called my lawyer and said I thought you said I wasnt going to loose my license! I feel betrayed. Misled! Help
This was my first offense. My lawyer has just dragged this out in court for almost a year and a half. No he was not trying to dismiss the blood test, my lawyer was trying to dismiss the stop. Our defense was the officer had NO legal cause for approaching my car and detaining me. He approached my car and he said You got pretty close to hitting my car. I said No officer I was just trying to manoeuvre around your car because you are blocking my exit. He said You need to shut up and listen to me.
Hey, I admit I’m ashamed for ever getting in my car after drinking but I’m just asking for some advice.
My lawyer is well known one of the best in the area. That’s why I’m shocked I’m having problems with him. I’ve called his office time and time again to ask for follow up of my case. I hardly hear from him. The last court date his office forgot to send me the notice when to appear in court. I’ve appear at every court date when he has told me I didn’t need too. He put me at risk. I’m mad!

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Answer by sarayu
Your legal problems have been compounded with the lawyer problems. There is no end for any problem when wiser counsel is not available. How can one expect that the lawyer will guide you wrong? It is really a sorry state of affairs. I think you are running through a bad time. Get over it in consultation with more than one. Will this forum help you?

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