Lawyer Gives $1,000.00 To Client?

Question by Bagbalm Catdew: Lawyer Gives ,000.00 To Client?
A group of dinner guests were blaming all of America’s troubles on lawyers when a woman said, “They aren’t all so bad. Why, last year a lawyer gave me $ 1000.”

“I don’t believe it,” the host responded.

“It’s true, I swear it,” said the woman.

“Well, how did it happen,” the man asked, a bit suspicious.

“I had a complicated personal injury case,” the woman said, “and what with the lawyer’s fee, the cost of expert witnesses, the expense of the appeal and so on, my bill was $ 41,000. When the judgment only amounted to $ 40,000, my lawyer told me I wouldn’t have to pay him the difference.”

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