Kansas City Business Journal Picks Vic Bergman for their Best Of The Bar list

Leawood, KS (PRWEB) October 7, 2010

Vic Bergman picked for the 9th year on the Kansas City Business Journal’s Best Of The Bar list. Vic Bergman listed as one of America’s top 50 personal injury trial lawyers believes that the common man can attain justice in the American court system against the powerful. Vic believes that if your case has merit, if your case can be proven with facts, and if you hire an experienced trial lawyer, you can still find justice in the American court system. The courtroom makes the playing field level. Only one attorney may question a witness at a time. Only one attorney can speak to the jury at a time.

Vic gives his views on the importance of the trial lawyers and the American court system’s role in protecting the common American from the powerful in the attached video.


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