is the District Attorney playing games with me?

Question by David: is the District Attorney playing games with me?
So I am being (almost) indicted for insurance fraud. I say “almost” because we are still negotiating with the DA but they refuse to believe anything and about to file the felony indicements. In my opinion, the case is based on “knowledge” of whether I knew i was doing the fraud and I certainly wasn’t because the applications were signed by my dad. I only found out that this was unlawful when I was called by the detective.
I clearly knew nothing about it and its not a substantional amount (2k)however they figured out a way to get it above $ 5k so its considered a felony. If this goes far, I’ll obviously have to get a hand expert so he proves the signatures were not my but after speaking to 4 criminal lawyers, they’ve said “you have to be a moron to see that it’s not my signature” based on my signatures on my passport/driver license.
is this DA clearly not want to cooperate ? I just feel bad getting a lawyer because it would cost me at least 40k if this goes to trial. I feel that this DA purely wants to mess with me because I am in a way blaming my dad and wants me to spend money on a lawyer and then lower it from felony to violation… i dont know, i just feel bad asking my parents for money, i am 24 and dont have 40k to get a lawyer for this.

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Answer by Ralph T
If you cannot afford an attorney,the court has to appoint you one.
Is the prosecutor local or county.
If you go to trial,you can make a motion for a change of venue.
The agent that sold the insurance can testify who signed the papers.
You may have to ask you parents to help with a lawyer.

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