In Praise of the 5th Amendment – part 5

“Dont talk to the Police” is the word of advice. A Professor in law, and a former Criminal Defense Attorney share their views and experiences on the subject.

A video walkthrough for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All (also known as Phoenix Wright 2) for the Nintendo DS, covering Episode 2: Reunion and Turnabout, part 8 of 25. In this part, Franziska von Karma offers Phoenix the chance to plead “justified self-defense,” but Phoenix insists that he wants a complete acquittal. Detective Gumshoe then gives a testimony which makes the defendant look very guilty–her fingerprints are all over BOTH murder weapons. At the end, Franziska again offers Phoenix the chance of pleading for self-defense, but Phoenix once again insists that Maya is innocent of all charges. Brought to you by