Immigration Reform from President Obama?

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Question by Joel W: Immigration Reform from President Obama?
Obama pledges push this year for immigration reform
Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:40pm EDT
By Doug Palmer

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama tapped a top Cabinet official on Thursday to work with Congress to speed immigration reform as senators warned another failed effort could doom chances for a generation.

“Despite our inability to get this passed over the last several years, the American people still want to see a solution,” Obama told reporters after meeting with Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

“It’s going to require some heavy lifting. It’s going to require a victory of practicality and common sense and good policymaking over short-term politics,” Obama said.

Congress failed in 2006 and 2007 to pass immigration reform despite a push by former Republican President George W. Bush.

Earlier this year, Vice President Joe Biden said the U.S. economic slump and soaring unemployment made it a bad time to take on the issue, which stirs up strong emotions on both sides of the immigration debate.

which stirs up strong emotions on both sides of the immigration debate.

It sure does, but Congress can’t seem to understand: it is the **Citizens** against the illegal aliens, La Raza, the Ford Foundation, The Mexican Government, the Immigration Lawyers of the United States and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

It is the **Citizens** against very, very big money that they are using daily. Citizens, of course, don’t have money supporters and this could be a massacre if we don’t get someone in the decision making chambers.

All of those lobby groups should be talking to the people of this country, and the people of this country should be telling their Congress People what to do. It ain’t going that way though: those big money lobby groups are talking to… and it IS against the law… Congress. In fact, Obama has two member of La Raza in his cabinet and holy cow.. if we don’t get someone at the table, we can kiss it good-by.

The question is this: as things now stand, do we want President Obama with his La Raza Cabinet Members, to decide how the Immigration reform will happen??? Do we want representation at the table before the process is discussed???
Tell someone.
Illegal aliens affect us all in remarkably serious ways. That means Missouri as well as California as it happens, and that link to the well being of California is very hard to understand, but most surely it is there. Mexican Americans bring a great deal to our culture while Mexican Nationals bring crime and narcotics far to frequently. One in ten does so, but they do it well, and they must be stopped because the narcotics will destroy a very great deal of the Mexican American Population. La Raza, even now, adamently supports any and all illegal aliens. But in our democratic society where we have condemned those closed smoke filled back rooms for a very long time, the decisions about Immigration will take place with La Raza still a major player in Obama’s Administration.

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Answer by ez80227
like most dems he talks more than he acts. however, hopefully we’ll impeach and imprison him for all his criminal activity including misleading the public that he’s a citizen.


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