Immigration Issue: Legal advice please?

by kleer001

Question by churro: Immigration Issue: Legal advice please?
I just recently married my best friend of four years (in April) She was brought to the U.S illegally at the age of two. I am a member of the U.S Marine corps, will this hinder my military career? I’m constantly worried about her being deported, so I want to petition for her to become legal. We have spoken to several immigration lawyers. They tell us that she will have to leave the U.S, but that they don’t recommend that I petition for her right now because she has such a “weak case.” If she has to leave the country, I’m definitely going with her. She is in the middle of obtaining her degree So I need legal advice. Should I petition for her now, will she be able to come back after she leaves the U.S, and if so, how long will she have to stay in Mexico for? Thanks. No hate please, I will report you. I need serious legal advice ONLY.

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Answer by Yak Rider
No, it will not hinder your career unless you have a security clearance.

You should be worried about her being deported. She’s one traffic stop away from a trip back to her own country.

The lawyers are all correct. She cannot adjust status in the USA because she has no status and entered the country “uninspected.”

It’s estimated that she’ll spend up to 6 months in Mexico. In addition to the petition she’ll need a Wavier of Inadmissibility and she can’t apply for it until she’s been interviewed in Mexico. Further, you WILL need the assistance of an immigration attorney when it comes to getting the waiver.

This is not legal advice, it’s information based on personal experience.

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