If Arizona’s immigration law is not about race, then why is it that..?

by kleer001

Question by Les S: If Arizona’s immigration law is not about race, then why is it that..?
If Arizona’s immigration law is not about race, then why is it that Canadians can come across much easier and stay longer than Mexicans?

To come legally, A Canadian can simply use a modified drivers license to come across the border. There is no need for a visa, there is no waiting period, there is no deep background check and no disclosure about where you will be. Furthermore, the Canadian can stay indefinitely, have children here, anchor themselves here, and become US citizens. (my neighbor did this, she is from Canada)
Canadians need very little extra documentation to work here and make money. Many Canadians are even offered special social security cards for work.

To come legally, A Mexican must be put on a multi-year long waiting list just to APPLY for a visa. Then they have to wait years to get approved. They have to disclose everyone they know, how much they make, and how much their family makes. They have to pay thousands of dollars to the US government to apply. They need immigration lawyers professionals. They then can only stay a maximum of 6 months, but normally they are only granted 2-4 weeks. They are never offered any means of work and are expected to leave immediately.

So, if “the law is the law” and “what part of illegal don’t you understand” is so true, then why is it that it is so much easier for white Canadians to be legal and follow the law, but so much more incredibly difficult for brown Mexicans?

Why is the definition of “legal” different for Canadians as it is for Mexicans?

Are we just simply making up the rules of what is “legal” based on color?

Aren’t we simply labeling people as “illegal” based on what we define as “illegal” and not on a consistent set of values or laws?

Are we designing laws simply to keep certain ethnic groups out of our country, and only allowing those who we want?

Why do people think that the playing field is equal for all immigrants, and that Mexicans should just come here legally, like everyone else, when the rules against them are so much more impenetrable than it is for Canadians?
Dina W: You didn’t realize it because it doesn’t exist. We make it easier for them to come and give them social security numbers. IF they come here illegally, we simply modify the system to make them legal, thus there is no Canadian illegal immigration problem.

It is real easy to follow the law when the law is easy to follow. It is hard to follow the law if the law is written to keep you oppressed.
Maxwell: As I told Dina, They do not abuse the system because the system CATERS to their needs. It is real easy not to abuse the system when they are allowed to be part of it from day one.

If we (meaning the law) treated Canadians like Mexicans, there would be more illegal Canadians than Mexicans.

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Answer by Harbinger
Canadians obey laws. Mexicans do not. You respect us, we respect you. Mexicans have no respect for our country or its laws. If they did, they would come here legally.

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