How to Hire an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

by quinn.anya

How to Hire an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

How to Hire an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

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Home Page > Law > How to Hire an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

How to Hire an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

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Posted: Jul 19, 2010 |


5 Critical Questions to Ask When Hiring an Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

Having an experienced and well-respected Orlando personal injury lawyer representing and protecting your legal interests is one of the most important things you need to do to protect your rights. There are thousands of lawyers available in Florida, and if you’ve been injured, you may be wondering how to choose the one that’s right for you. When interviewing potential personal injury lawyers, be sure to ask them the following questions:

1. Have you tried these types of personal injury cases before?

Don’t assume just based upon advertising that the lawyer you’re considering has handled or tried your type of case. Lawyers today are more like medical doctors in that their experience usually concentrates on specific areas of law. Just as you wouldn’t visit an ear, nose & throat doctor for a broken leg, you don’t want to hire a real estate lawyer for your personal injury case.

Some lawyers do well outside their area of expertise, but many don’t know the nuances in other areas of the law. You must be certain the personal injury lawyer you retain is knowledgeable in this area of the law. Ask for your lawyer’s experience and results, and request a list of former clients you can speak with. You need to control the consultation; don’t be intimidated or bullied by the lawyer. Remember: you’re the one doing the hiring!

2. Will you be the actual attorney handling my case?

Find out if the lawyer you meet with will be the same one you deal with most of the time, and get clear confirmation of just how many people will be working on your case (how many lawyers, paralegals, etc.). You want to make sure you know and are comfortable with all the people working on your case, that you will receive appropriate and timely communication with your lawyer and staff, and that you will not be passed around to a recent law school graduate or a host of paralegals. Make sure to discuss how available the attorney and case manager will be so that you are aware of your case status.

3. Are you insured?

Any good lawyer will carry “Errors and Omissions” insurance, which helps protect them in the event he/she makes a mistake in your case. This is a separate coverage from a standard general liability or property insurance policy. Don’t hire a lawyer who has no insurance; it’s simply too dangerous.

4. What is your contingency fee?

Ask about fees up front. Most personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that if you do not receive compensation for your damages, your lawyer will not get paid. Do not hire a lawyer who does not work on a contingency fee basis for personal injury cases. Contingency fee agreements are negotiable and typically range between 25% and 40%. The stronger the case and more severe the damages, the more negotiable the fee agreement will be.

5. When will my lawsuit be filed?

Demand specific answers. Some lawyers will sign up a client and then wait 12-18 months to file suit, just prior to the statute of limitations. That delay harms you, as it delays the receipt of money that you may be entitled to. Unless there is a justifiable delay in filing, ask for your case to be filed within 2 weeks.

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Mike Addison
About the Author:

Mike Addison is the author of “How to Locate and Hire the Right Lawyer for Your Orlando Personal Injury Case”, a free hiring guide for those seeking to consult a legal professional to get their personal injury questions answered. Download it today at


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5 Steps to Locating a Good Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Learn how to locate and hire the right lawyer for your Orlando personal injury case. Click the link for your FREE Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Hiring Guide!

Mike Addisonl
Jul 27, 2010


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Mike Addison is the author of “How to Locate and Hire the Right Lawyer for Your Orlando Personal Injury Case”, a free hiring guide for those seeking to consult a legal professional to get their personal injury questions answered. Download it today at

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