‘For The Cure’ Controversy Over Pink Trademarking

Transcript by BY JENNIFER MECKLES You’re watching multisource business news analysis from Newsy The mother of all breast cancer charities — The Susan G. Komen foundation — is the top matriarch in the fundraising world, but the organization is now taking legal action against smaller charities for copyright violations. Komen wants to protect its pink logo and “For the Cure” slogan against what some call “pinkwashing” — when smaller charities use the logo and slogan for their own cancer fundraisers. “Mush for a Cure” and “Kites for a Cure” are just two charities who were asked to change their names — or face legal action. (Video KSDK) The organization has come under fire for using administrative funds — money donated for cancer research — to pay for legal fees. NBC hears both sides of the story: SUE PROM (Mush For a Cure): “We’re all supposed to be fighting against breast cancer. And here, another organization opposed to breast cancer will cost us all the money we want to give to the cause.” KATRINA MCGHEE (Susan G. Komen): “If we have been overzealous in our quest to protect our name or the names that our donors come up with, its because we feel such a huge responsibility to the Komen family and donors who volunteer so hard in our mission.” Komen isn’t getting much sympathy from the media — being called a “trademark bully.” A writer for Statesman Journal uses a few “pink washes” of her own to deliver a firey response: “It has left a taste far less
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