Divorce: What does a “Petition Status for Attorney” involve?

Question by gpurv: Divorce: What does a “Petition Status for Attorney” involve?
My daughter was asked to immediately put $ 2,500 in her lawyer’s trust so they could respond to a request from the opposing council.

Since we didn’t immediately have the $ 2,500, we had to ask the lawyer’s office to remove themselves from the case (temporally). So, they were taken off the court record.

Now opposing council has a court date set for “Petition Status for Attorney”.


1. Can my daughter go to the ‘petition’ court date, without a lawyer, and explain to the judge that she will be reinstating her lawyer prior to the divorce case?

2. Should we pay the lawyer “now”, prior to this petition court date? (we don’t want to do this because opposing council will continue to artificially run up our bill until we’re totally broke and can’t pay for the actual divorce trial)

I should add, this divorce has been going on for 19 months and so far her lawyer has been paid and spent $ 23,000. For the actual trial, he wants another $ 10,000

She’s a school teacher.

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Answer by that judi
Call the court…they are there to answer questions on these matters.

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