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Lang, Berman & Lebit, PC At Lang, Berman & Lebit, PC, we are proud of our record of success in enforcing the rights of fathers in New York. This ensures that children will have the richness and nourishment that come from a healthy relationship with their dads. We are committed to helping families — both before and after breakup — find the best solutions to their problems, so that all members can not only get on with their lives, but also thrive. Divorce is the end of an adult relationship. But it should never be the end of a father’s relationship with his children. If a divorce is handled amicably and fairly in negotiations — or vigorously and zealously if it comes to trial — it can even become a new beginning. A divorce that is handled well will ultimately help children avoid the trauma they incur when they see hostility between those they love most. Telephone Numbers: Garden City: (516) 227-2255 Suffolk: (631) 226-4200 Facsimile: (516) 227-0833 Lang, Berman & Lebit, PC 595 Stewart Avenue, Suite 400 Garden City, New York 11530 Email:

Toronto divorce lawyer Judith Holzman answers the Frequently Asked Question: “Do I have an obligation to pay child support once my children are over the age of 18, or younger if they have dropped out of school?” This Toronto and Maple, Ontario family lawyer can be reached at (905) 303-1070 or (416) 977-3050, or at .
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