Divorce costs in NJ…help!?

by mamanat

Question by foreveryoung: Divorce costs in NJ…help!?
My friend is trying to get her divorce through the new NJ divorce law amendment “irreconcilable differences” but she cannot afford the $ 5000 retainer up front for a divorce lawyer. She is willing to discuss payment plans, but we have no idea if lawyers even offer that! The one she saw wants the entire retainer up front.

Every consultation she goes on costs her a few hundred dollars, so i’m helping her to find free initial consultations to inquire about cost plans. Can anyone help us either a) suggest a lawyer in Hudson County who will work with her on the retainer payment or b) know if lawyers even do this kind of thing???


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Answer by magdarra
Well I got my divorce in PA but I know this concept works in other states and read an article about it recently.

Basically I did not want to fight, just end the marriage, and not spend everything I had.

I found an attorney finally who specialized in friendly divorces; the ex and I drew up an agreement that covered property, kids and everything else, and the judge rubber stamped it – I never had to spend a day in court, and the entire divorce cost $ 1100.

I am trying to remember the term, it was mediation or arbitration or something like that, but there is info on the web.

Also, typically an initial consultation is free.

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