criminal defense lawyer?

by iNkMan_

Question by sam: criminal defense lawyer?
here’s my situation….
in 2008 I was arrested and convicted for a possession of prohibited weapon (switch blade) in tennessee….then, I was written a citation and convicted for misdeameanor marijuana possession (1 joint) in february of 2010….I had a conviction expunged back in 2004 in North Carolina… there anyway to get any of these convictions “hidden” from employment background checks, after being convicted…..this has been devastating when I apply for a job….is there anything I can do to keep these convictions hidden from employment background checks

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Answer by Patricia
You should have thought about that before you got caught with the joint. That is the one that will cause you the most problem because it was four months ago, and any drugs are a big red flag. No, you can’t hide them. Just stay out of trouble and eventually employers will overlook them.

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