Child Support Question about absent biological father?

Question by Kim: Child Support Question about absent biological father?
My husband and I have custody of his ex wife’s eldest son and the son they had together. The father of the eldest child has never been in this kids life past the first year. I have recently tracked him down online and have found out he is now very successful, CEO of his own company which does computer graphics for major movies.
My husband is currently the sole supporter for our family, I have been ill for the past year, wanting to work, but still too sick at times to get out of bed. We are struggling to raise these two boys, so much so that we moved in with my mom just after we took custody. The biological mother pays us $ 100 a month total for both kids, she recently tried to recant on this (out of the three years we have had full custody she has just started to pay support 4 months ago).
What kind of case could the biological father possibly have against having to pay child support should I decide to file support papers.
I know we have don’t have much to spend on a lawyer, in your opinion, seeing as he has money, would he be able to “out lawyer” in court?
I have been in contact with him via email and he did not mention this.. I would assume no.
I live in Ontario, Canada, and to my knowledge there has never been a support order filed against him, also I don’t think he has signed away his parental rights, it has never been spoken of by the mother and I assume she would have to be present or at least sign on that sort of thing.
We have full legal custody awarded by the court and supported by Children’s Aid. My husband has never legally adopted this child, all court papers that have been filed have listed the bio dad as respondant.

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Answer by Lisa
Did he sign away all rights to that son?

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