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Q&A: Why should he be president? (part 2)?

by Castaway in Scotland

Question by T-man (3rd aaccount): Why should he be president? (part 2)?
okay so i recently asked a question who should be president?
the most accomplished business executive
the smartest scientist in all fields
and the most accomplished lawyer

the business executive and lawyer came out on top

people said the scientist would only care about lab work

but u culd aurgue the business executive would lie to the public to get more money, and ensure all political desicions benefit his business

and lawyers practically lie for a living

why do we trust buisuiness executives and lawyers?
dont you think its time to let the era of genius, science, philosophy and morals reign?
and forget the chains of tradition that bind us to our destructive ways?

as einstein says “to try the same exact thing twice and get different results is utterly stupid.”

Best answer:

Answer by Westhill
Jimmy Carter majored in nuclear physics. Howard Dean and Ron Paul were physicians. They all look at things a little differently than the average lawyer or businessman. Maybe you have a point, but the problem may be that the lawyers and businessmen know how to manipulate the political system the best, so they are the ones who are usually competing for the highest offices, and voters really don’t have a voice in this.

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Why do people vote for them in the first place?

by jroberts72

Question by athorgarak: Why do people vote for them in the first place?
Since 99.9% of the POLITICIANS in Washington are either heads of large businesses or lawyers,
Why would anyone believe the ‘we are the common man’ crap that they sell in elections?

Lawyers, by and large, are trained how to twist the truth to suit their purposes and owners of big businesses are just out for the money they, themselves, can get (again, by and large).
America is NOT a business and there is no “product” to market and sell,
and twisting of the truth is not something we, as a people, need!
politics has grown into the clubhouse of screwing the american people. If we voted out every single lawyer and businessperson from washington, our country would run so mush better, hire real accountants to get the numbers in line. and make it illegal for any company to sell to the government ANYTHING at a higher price that it sells for retail!

A healthy country, a constitutional government, a better choice
politics (compromise) is a game of both sides agreeing to do what each considers to be wrong, How can that be Good for America???

Best answer:

Answer by weirdgrl84
Well first you’d have to convince me that Independents are different, then you’d have to convince me that they can MAKE a difference.

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Q&A: Is it possible to get a non-disclosure agreement with a patent lawyer? If so, would the lawyer be willing to?

by Accentuate-dot-eu

Question by Terry: Is it possible to get a non-disclosure agreement with a patent lawyer? If so, would the lawyer be willing to?
I have an idea that I want to patent and have considered seeing a patent lawyer. I do have concerns about this however. I have read questions before about a patent lawyer stealing your idea or giving your idea to a big company within the industry your idea falls into. Most people have said to mail whatever documentation you have about the idea to yourself via certified mail. I think this is a brilliant idea! HOWEVER, I am the type of person who likes redundancy. If I wanted to have a patent lawyer sign a non-disclosure agreement, would they be willing to do so? I truly believe my invention is worth billions of dollars and I don’t want some “lawyer” to steal my idea or give it to a potential competitor of mine. I really don’t think I would do business with a patent lawyer if they didn’t sign an NDA. An idea worth billions of dollars is not to be taken lightly.

Best answer:

Answer by Querious
Lawyers are bound by the Ethical Canons not to disclose ANYTHING that a client says to them without the client’s permission. Thus, whatever you tell the patent lawyer will stay with him/her.

S/he won’t have any problem whatsoever signing a NDA.

Good luck on your billions and be sure to donate to Darfur.

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Kensington Publishing Releases Wallace Ford?s The Pride, Voted One Of The Top Books Of The Fall Season And Sparking Interest From Hollywood For A Television Special

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 4, 2005

Kensington Publishing releases The Pride, the first novel by new author Wallace Ford, on its Dafina imprint. The Pride, which was greeted with great anticipation, recounts in a particularly unique fashion the lives and lifestyles of the black elite who occupy positions of power on Wall Street, in politics and in the corporate board rooms that matter. Centering on four characters, The Pride reveals the highs and lows, the challenges and the opportunities, and the victories and frustrations of upper-crust African Americans. Sharing both their personal and professional lives on the pages of the book, the characters comprise the best and brightest as well as the most despicable and immoral, with a perfectly choreographed balance of humor and good taste.

Ford, who is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School, is a former senior official in the administrations of New York City Mayor David Dinkins and New York State Governor Mario Cuomo, provides an insider’s view that is based in large part upon his own experiences as an international business lawyer, venture capitalist, professional actor, investment banker and government official. While the book is fiction, many readers will endeavor to find aspects of persons whom they know in the characters that they find on the pages of The Pride.

The Pride is sure to generate interest and controversy as Wallace Ford makes the rounds in book signing appearances in New York, Atlanta, Washington, and Los Angeles during the coming month. The Pride will be formally introduced to an audience sprinkled with celebrities and corporate superstars at MoBay Restaurant in Manhattan on November 2nd at which many of the guests will seem to have stepped right off the pages of the book itself.

Bankers, lawyers, brokers, corporate executives, former New York City Mayor David Dinkins and Inner City Broadcasting Chairman Emeritus and Harlem legend Percy Sutton have been invited to what promises to be a memorable kickoff for a memorable book.

The Pride has been selected by Essence magazine as one of the top books of the fall season. A television series proposal based upon the novel is currently under consideration in Hollywood and a major announcement is expected shortly.


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Shustak & Partners Publishes Article ? How to Prove Damages and Ask For the Right Remedy

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 19, 2006

Shustak & Partners (, a specialty law firm with a national practice focused in the areas of securities and business law, today announced a recently published article, entitled How to Prove Damages and Ask For the Right Remedy.

The article, written in a professional yet comprehendible style and tone, attempts to answer the threshold question associated with many unsuitability cases: Is it sensible to “allege, for example, a 10b-5 violation, for what is essentially an unsuitability, failure to supervise” case? The subsequent subject matter covers Causes of Action pleadings, hearing presentation best-practices, and relevant information regarding pending damages. Presented in outline format, the article provides unique insight and guidance, drawing on historical cases, while citing state laws and codes for argumentative support.

The article was written by the firm’s partners Erwin Shustak and Thomas Frost, along with Robert J. McCarthy III, an associate. Erwin Shustak is one of the Firm’s founders, as well as managing partner, and heads the Litigation and Arbitration Department. He specializes in litigations, trials, arbitrations and appeals of complex business and securities disputes, and has handled or overseen several hundred litigations and arbitrations in Federal and State Courts and arbitration forums across the country. Thomas Frost, also a partner, is based in the Firm’s San Diego office and focuses his practice on litigation, primarily in the areas of business and securities law. The third contributing author, Robert J. McCarthy, III is based in the firm’s San Diego office. His practice includes securities arbitration and litigation, employment, real estate and business disputes.

About Shustak & Partners

Shustak & Partners is a specialty law firm with a national practice focused in the areas of securities and business law. They offer the highest quality investment fraud lawyers and securities fraud lawyers, as well as distinguished corporate finance lawyers and business lawyers. The firm operates from offices in New York and California, and is comprised of experienced, sophisticated attorneys who have earned a solid reputation as strategic problem solvers, ardent negotiators and successful deal makers. For more information please visit

# # #

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