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Q&A: I need help with a probation violation!?

Question by J B: I need help with a probation violation!?
Hello, I am 23 years old and I live in Boise, Idaho.

About 1 1/2 years ago, I got busted for writing 2 bad checks. There were more (long story), however, I only got busted on 2 of them. The courts put me on unsupervised probation for a year and told me to pay my fines. I set up a payment plan and I paid 30 dollars a month. After about 3 months of paying, I ended up homeless and very ill. I was in and out of the hospital. I lost my job, and the only cash I could aquire went towards medications.
Well, my probation was set to end on may 31st of this year, and it did. However on the 27th they put out a PV warrant for my arrest due to unpaid fines.
I talked to the prosecuting attorney, and he let me pay my fines off in exchange for him dropping the warrant.
I paid, the warrant was dropped, but I still need to go to a Probation violation hearing on the 20th.
This will be my second time in the courtroom, ever.
However, I have moved. I now live 23 miles away from the courthouse, and I have no way to make it there. My public defender said he was going to try to get it resolved out of court, and he will not call me. I don’t know whats going on.
I can’t talk to the prosecutor anymore, and my public defender refuses to call me back. I leave many messages on his phone each day.
I simply can not make it there for health and transportation issues.
I do have a job that is going to be starting on the 21st. I am also doing online college courses and am on my way to a better life. I am low-income at this point, so I will also be getting housing soon.
I am scared I am going to jail. I do not know what is going to happen. At my initial court trail, for the bad checks, the agreement was that if I got a PV then I would go to jail for 90 days. (90 days suspended)
I am freaked out, and no one will answer my questions.
What do you think will happen in court? Jail time or ?
I understand that this is pretty minor seeing as how I have my fines paid, but they were paid late so it is a legit PV.
I have 4 days left before court. I want o get it resolved before then, but even my public defender will not call me back. I am having a hard time with teh stress and the worrying. Any advice?
Oh yeah, the only other thing I have on my record is an unpaid no insurance ticket. I hope this does not affect anything.

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Answer by Daniel
Relax…. you are not going to jail.. sounds like it’s just a formality as you have already made arrangements with the DA and paid your fines. Most likely nothing will happen. You are definately not going to jail.

You really, really need to secure transportation to get to the hearing. Not appearing could really put you in a jam.

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what is considered running away?

Question by bekah: what is considered running away?
I am 16 years of age and working on getting emancipated, i have gone through a long troublesome custody battle with my parents and quite frankly we are all sick of it. I am the last of the minor siblngs involved in the custody battle, my mom agreed to emancipation and has full custody of me, but she is in boise idaho at the moment. She said that she would help me and told me what i needed to do, however when my abusive father found out what my mom and were planning he said if i step foot out this house door he will call the cops on me and report me as a run away i need to go out and get an attorney but i cant leave the house, so i would like to know what is considered running away because i just need to leave my house for a little bit to get an attorney. I am currently in virginia. Any advice would be much appreciated.
well i appreciate all the feed back i have gotten but, my mom has full custody yes. and my dad was temporairly housing me that is true but maybe i should explain how i ended up in virginia in the 1st place…I am 16 so i can legally be emancipated i have moved 28 times and have not completed a full ear of schooling in 1 school i have been to 14 different schools and i am in 11th grade my mom has an abusive step father who she refuses to get rid of in summer of 09 my mom flew to virginia to visit my grandma on her death bed while she was out my step dad told me that he was using my mom and that she is just a stupid whore… i didnt take kindly to that and i told him tht he needed to shut up becuase he isnt supposed to be there(he is a convicted felon who is running from police) he took that as i was going to snitch on him so he beat me up i lived on my own becuase he threw me out i got in a car accident and almost died and he told the police that i ran away, well the checked his records
and he fleed to boise with my mom without telling me my mom said that she doesnt want me back becuase she would rather have my step dad my “real” dad (who isnt my biological dad, but he doesnt know tht and he cant ever find out) broke my nose last year and has anger issues mentally abuses me he stopped on the physical (kinda) it depends on what u call abuse he doesnt do much harm but he grabs me by the throat and throws me to the ground and stops… any ways i lived on my own for a while until she found me at 4am and told me to pack my things she sent me on a bus and i was supposed to ride it for 4 days well on the 3rd day since i had a broken nose and a blood disorder i got a bloody nose in pittsburg pa. tgey threw me off the bus and there i was arrested for running away they cant find my mom so they sent me to my dads i have been here since august and i really feel i need to get out my mom wont take me and my dad really hates me and keeps threatening me i have just started a job and
i feel that i may be ready for emancipation…any advice?

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Answer by Dr Feelgood
Tell them you’re going to the mall or a friends house and go see the lawyer.

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Boise Attorney
by The U.S. Army

(BOISE) – Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter announced today that the State of Idaho has joined Michigan in filing a “friend of the court” brief with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Arizona’s law on illegal immigrants.

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, in consultation with the Governor, signed on to the amicus brief Thursday. It makes the case that states have the authority to concurrently enforce federal immigration law, provided that states do not create new categories of aliens or attempt to independently determine the immigration status of an alien.

The brief also contends that the Arizona law is consistent with the regulatory scheme established by Congress – which is one of concurrent enforcement, where the federal government must respond to any inquiry by a state or local government agency seeking to verify the immigration status of any person within its jurisdiction.

“Arizona is simply requiring its law enforcement officials to help the federal government enforce immigration law as envisioned by Congress,” Governor Otter said. “State officials have the right under existing federal law to identify illegal aliens and report them to federal authorities. It’s our affirmative duty to protect states’ rights, and that’s particularly important when a lawsuit seeks to punish a state for doing what the federal government has failed to do – protect our borders and American citizens.”

Eleven states now have joined in the appeal from a federal judge’s initial ruling against Arizona in the lawsuit filed by the U.S. Department of Justice.

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Answer by myopinion
Good for idaho. all states should be supporting Arizona.. because one of these days it will be their turn for the Feds to just come in and push you around. Arizona is right.. Washington is dead wrong!

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Gem County(City of Emmett), Idaho residents only…is this still the law?

Question by baldwin91006: Gem County(City of Emmett), Idaho residents only…is this still the law?
To those who live in this county outside your capital city(Boise), this one’s for you…

Almost 10-13 years ago, your “State’s Attorney”(aka “DA”) passed a strict “no loving in public ALLOWED” law…where it simply said:you are caught kissing in public ANYWHERE in Gem County(not just the City of Emmett), and neither of you are wearing a WEDDING RING, you’ll GO TO JAIL(no bail) for “violating the Morality Laws of the State of Idaho[dating back to 1905[???]”…

Is that State’s Attorney STILL in Office, and is that ridiculous law still on the books?…

Just curious…b/c I’m planning a trip to the Boise area soon, and don’t want to face the wrath of a very “religiously strict” prosecutor who thinks that he’s GOD!…

SEVEN hours, and yet NO answers from Emmett(or elsewhere in Gem County)?…c’mon now, I need SOMETHING!
Late last night, I e-mailed the Gem County DA’s office and posed the Q, and I’m still waiting to hear back…

I’ll K.I.T. w/ the answer…

Best answer:

Answer by Jacinto
Hey, Baldwin, I’m surprised that NO ONE from Gem County has answered this Q yet…

However, I get a weird feeling that the law’s still on the books…so, I’d think twice before going to Emmett…stay close to within the Boise area…

BTW, I’m from Hemet, CA(21 miles southeast of Riverside)…

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Lewis Rob S Atty At Law – Boise, ID

Lewis Rob S Atty At Law 208-395-0667
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NewWest.Net Presents Conference on Real Estate and Development in the Northern Rockies, Oct. 25-26 in Missoula, Mont.: Leading Developers, Financiers, Architects, Attorneys and Policy-Makers Highlight Event; Chris Thornberg of Beacon Economics, Jerry Sorensen of Plum Creek Timber Among Keynotes Speakers

MISSOULA, Mont. (PRWEB) September 19, 2007

    “Growth and real estate development is the biggest industry in the Northern Rockies – and also one that has a tremendous impact on the land and the nature of our communities,” said Jonathan Weber, CEO and publisher of NewWest.Net. “The aim of this conference is to understand the dynamics of the development business, and to foster the conversations that will enable growth to happen in the most positive way possible.”

The conference will feature more than 40 speakers and panelists. Chris Thornberg of Beacon Economics – who at last year’s conference predicted many of the recent developments in the real estate market – will once again kick off the event. Jerry Sorensen, director of land asset management at Plum Creek Timber Co., will discuss how the company views its enormous land holdings in Montana.

Mary Sexton, head of the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, will talk about water issues, and attorneys Alan McCormick and Michelle Bryan Mudd will discuss land use law. Ed Wetherbee of Missoula’s Old Sawmill District, David Hale of Boise’s Linen District, John Carroll of Carroll Investments in Portland, Dennis Glick of the Sonoran Institute, Paul Johanssen of Great Northern Ventures in Whitefish, and Nick Kaufman of the WGM Group will be among those presenting innovative development projects. Renowned architects Don MacArthur and Lori Ryker will show some of their visions for the future.

The lead sponsors for the event include Farmers State Bank, the Missoula Organization of Realtors, First American Title Holding Company, ANB Financial, Bitterroot Resort, and the WGM Group. Supporting sponsors include Alpine Granite Accents, Bitterroot Economic Development District, Five Valleys Land Trust, The Maverick Group, Montana Associations of Realtors, Montana Water Trust, O’Berry Cavanaugh and the Washington Companies. Media sponsors include the Flathead Beacon, Sun Valley Online, and

The conference will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn conference center in Missoula. The two-day program includes two luncheons and a reception Thursday evening sponsored by Farmers State Bank. It will end Friday afternoon with a “big picture” discussion that will include writers Gary Ferguson and Peter Stark.

Continuing education credits will be available for real estate agents, attorneys, insurance agents, and, pending approval, architects and planners. For all the details on the event, including pricing information, visit NewWest.Net/conference or call 406-829-1725. A limited number of press passes will be available for qualified press.

Attendees are encouraged to register by Friday, Sept. 21 to save almost 25% off the admission price.


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