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Aviation Attorney Charles Brewer on US Air Crash 1549 Part I

Attorney Charles Brewer joins Speaking of Justice host Scott Drake for a special edition analysis of the US Air Hudson River crash earlier this of flight 1549. Charles Brewer is one of the nations leading aviation attorneys, is a 40 year pilot who is jet rated and his interview provides amazing insight into just what a job Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III did in ditching that jet in such a way that virtually ever passenger walked away. This review of the jet, the conditions the pilot was likely facing and the training he had highlights the issue of pilot training and preparation, an area that Charles Brewer, after decades of litigating hundreds of aviation cases is uniquely prepared to comment on.
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Is sending US citizens out of the the USA legal jurisdiction for torture a necessary evil in today’s world?

Question by zclifton2: Is sending US citizens out of the the USA legal jurisdiction for torture a necessary evil in today’s world?
San Francisco Chronicle, Sat., Dec. 15, 2007, “Ex-aviation firm worker says executive told of CIA “torture flights.” An employee of a San Jose Calif. aviation company, Jeppesen International Trip Planning which is a subsidiary of the Boeing Co. was told by one of the owners that flights were arranged for the CIA to send five American Citizens to Foreign Counties for interrogation and torture, or “torture flights.” The United States Government under G. W. Bush has asked that the evidence be squashed on the bases of National Security. This information is well documented according to the lawyers who filed the suit against the CIA, and the United States Government.

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Answer by xion s
i really dont know try to ask a top contributer

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Is this email about OCS legit? What do they mean by you have a choice? Are you signing up or not? Thanks!?

Question by Sarah D: Is this email about OCS legit? What do they mean by you have a choice? Are you signing up or not? Thanks!?
“The best management training program in America”
Inc. Magazine

This is a communication to the student body on behalf of Captain (I deleted name), the Marine Corps Officer Selection Officer for New Jersey. If you are an American citizen, a full-time student, and medically & physically fit, then you may have the opportunity to lead the nation’s most elite fighting force.

Qualified applicants attend Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. OCS is one of the best leadership development courses in the country; its challenges will develop you mentally and physically. Freshmen and sophomores attend two separate six-week summer courses. Juniors, seniors and college graduates attend a single 10-week course.

Some of the key highlights of the programs are:


– Earn approximately $ 2,700.00 for each six weeks or $ 4,500.00 for the ten-week session.


– Receive up to 12 credits for OCS participation.

GUARANTEED contracts available:


If you have a desire to FLY, you can secure a seat in flight school before OCS even starts.


If you want to keep your feet on the GROUND, there are 21 different management fields you may be interested in.


If you are planning on going to LAW SCHOOL, our program can assist.


– There are no demanding requirements during the school year – complete all training during the summer.

– You do not have to wear uniforms to class.

– This program allows you to focus on your school work, athletics, and enjoying college.

– The initial commitment is ONLY six weeks, with no long-term obligation.

– Financial assistance is available. Marine lieutenants receive starting salaries of $ 40,000-49,000 a year plus incredible benefits

– You have the CHOICE to become a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps upon completion of OCS and graduation from college.

Learn. Grow. Lead. You will be given levels of responsibility and authority that far exceed those seen at entry-level positions in corporate America. This is an unparalleled opportunity to see if you have what it takes to be a leader in one of the most elite organizations in the world without committing yourself to service. If you are interested in someday working for the FBI, CIA, Military, government, or as an executive in a Fortune 500 company, the PLC program may be right for you. Additional information is also available at

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Answer by ralen_jor
Yes, it’s legit.

By saying you have a choice, it means that you go through the training before you make a committment, and upon graduation you would become an officer in the Marine Corps.

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Aviation Lawyer’s Manual: Representing the Pilot in FAA Enforcement Actions

Aviation Lawyer’s Manual: Representing the Pilot in FAA Enforcement Actions

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Product Liability Law Can Help You Receive Compensation after a Plane Crash

Product Liability Law Can Help You Receive Compensation after a Plane Crash

When you think about recovering money to pay for medical expenses and other expenses after a plane crash, you likely think that the pilot or airline will need to be the cause of the accident.  The truth, however, is that there are also laws governing parts and products installed on airplanes.  This is true for both commercial flights and smaller chartered planes.  If you have been injured in an aviation accident, an attorney can help determine the cause of the accident and can help you seek reimbursement for all present and future expenses.

While pilot error and air traffic control errors have been responsible for many accidents, part failure is another common cause of place crashes.  It is important to understand that aviation accidents are rare, but that there is certainly a cause to be found when one occurs.  If the crash that you were involved in stems from the direct failure of parts that cannot be attributed to the airline mechanics, your attorney will be able to help you and other passengers take action against the manufacturer.

When taking action against the maker of the plane’s parts, you will find that you can be entitled to reimbursement for medical expenses, emotional trauma and treatment, lost wages, and other damages.  The judge or jury in your case will be responsible for determining if the faulty part could have benefitted from an alternate design or if it was considered unreasonably dangerous.  They will also decide if the pilot will be held equally responsible for the accident.  In any case, your lawyer will know all of the right moves necessary to ensure that your damages are compensated and that you receive the treatment and assistance that you need to help you recover from the accident.

Aviation law is designed to help keep all passengers and crew safe while on the aircraft.  These laws are rigidly designed and offer protection for all victims of airline accidents.  When you contact a qualified and experienced aviation lawyer, you will learn how product liability laws can serve to help you receive the compensation that you need and deserve.  Faulty equipment can be dangerous or even deadly, and the law will certainly work to not only help you receive reimbursement for expenses and injuries, but to take legal and legislative action to help keep the same situation from occurring again in the future.

For more information on aviation
accident law
and personal injury law, visit

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Don?t Let an Airplane Crash Stop Your Life

Don?t Let an Airplane Crash Stop Your Life

Airplane crashes can be remarkably traumatizing for survivors.  Even a small scale crash can be enough to cause serious injury and severe emotional trauma.  If you have been the victim of a plane crash, it is crucial that you contact an attorney.  Whether you seek compensation for physical or emotional pain or are simply looking to protect future passengers, contacting a lawyer is always the first place to start after seeking medical care.

When you contact a lawyer, they will find a time after you have been deemed medically safe to talk in order to help you learn about your rights.  These lawyers have years of experience and training in their profession and understand the physical and emotional aftermath of a plane crash. This experience will help them to fight for your rights and to recover any compensation that is due to you.

By hiring an aviation attorney, you can be certain that you have someone on your side that will fight to determine the cause of the accident as well as how to best recoup any losses that the passengers incurred.  If a large number of passengers were injured or traumatized, a class action suit against the pilot, airline, mechanics, or other individuals and organizations may be filed.

Your attorney will also understand that your injuries may not be entirely physical.  These lawyers have seen the aftermath of plane crashes and understand the long term emotional and mental effects that they can have of victims and their families.  Your lawyer will fight to ensure that you are compensated for lost wages and emotional damages incurred because of the accident and that you are able to seek any treatment that you may need in order to help you deal with the aftermath of the crash.

A qualified aviation attorney will always be willing to do what it takes to ensure that you fully recover from your plane crash.  If you are seeking damages or simply looking to help bring to light the negligence, faulty mechanics, or other cause of your accident, your attorney will be willing to work with you to help you obtain the results you seek.  Contacting a lawyer right away is the best way to preserve your rights and to prevent the airline from convincing you to give up the right to future compensation.  When you are involved in an airplane crash, calling a qualified aviation lawyer is always your best decision.

For more information on aviation
accident law
and personal injury law, visit

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Can Airplane Crash Survivors Receive Money

Can Airplane Crash Survivors Receive Money

If you have survived an airplane crash you may be wondering if you can collect money for the medical expenses that you no doubt now have, as well as the trauma of being in such a horrific situation. This is a very common personal injury case when a crash happens and in many cases you can collect money for the suffering that you have gone through. However, you should consult with a lawyer to find out if you have a case, and if so how much you might be able to receive. A personal injury lawyer is your first step after recovering from your health issues.

The reason that a lawyer is so important in aviation cases is that law regarding airplane crashes may cover many complex issues, including geographic location. International airline aviation law can be extremely difficult to understand and a lawyer is your best advocate when trying to determine liability for an airplane crash, particularly if the crash happened in a different country, or in the ocean rather than on land.

One aspect of this is called the Warsaw convention, which is an international treaty that controls the rights of those that travel internationally to file against airlines for injuries that are sustained while on the airplane. The Warsaw Convention was put in place more than seventy years ago and was to protect airlines from excessive damage liability. A lawyer will be able to tell you if your case falls under the Warsaw Convention and if there is a possibility for a case. Ask your lawyer to look into your airline crash to determine the legalities.

A lawyer can also help to determine who might be responsible for the crash. Many people automatically assume that the airline is the party responsible for the crash, but in fact, an airplane is made up of many different parts and the manufacturer of the airframe, the engine, or particular parts of the plane such as the seats or seat belts may be responsible. Ask your aviation lawyer who is liable for your airplane crash and be aware that it may be more than one party – another example of why aviation litigation is so complex.

Even if you weren’t on the airplane yourself but have loved ones that died as a result of an airline crash you may be entitled to compensation for loss of that person, the income that they may have made during their or your lifetime and other types of compensation. A personal injury lawyer that is an expert in aviation law is vital to understand the complex issues that exist with both personal injury lawsuits and aviation laws. Emery Ledger is a personal injury lawyer that has a lot of experience in aviation cases and more than a decade of experience working for you.

Karen Thompson has an outstanding 10 year service as a state lawyer in California. She helps a lot of people who needs legal assistance particulary those who can’t afford to hire an attorney. She finds her happiness helping others and in sharing to people what she knows through writing articles.

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