Canadian graduate wants to work in the USA. Need Serious advice!?

Question by simonbourassa: Canadian graduate wants to work in the USA. Need Serious advice!?
I’m Canadian. I’m a recent graduate with a Batchelor of Commerce in Management. I speak 3 languages fluently, English, Spanish, and French, and I have an intersesting “pedigree”. I’m currently working in Mexico in a sales job. I obtained my working visa in a snap given my language skills. However, I don’t feel like I can pursue a serious career here in Mexico (and there’s no way I want to go back to the snow). I’ve spent the last 2 months seeking for jobs in the United States, and researching visa opportunities. It seems to me that this is going to be *IMPOSSIBLE*.. I’ve looked into TN visa and I’m no “management consultant” (seems to me like the only category that can get me this visa, and seems impossible to get, in my situation).. and H1-B’s, I’ve read have been exhausted untill October 2008. Any suggestions? Any options that could get me working in the USA within a few months? I will gladly accept offers from immigration lawyers to take on my case.

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Answer by xxoo
well maybe if you find a transnational corporation to hire you in Mexico and then send you to work in the USA, but this i extremely rare,,I got work at a trading house in Mexico they send me to work to the states for 10 years,, i came back home after 9/11,, if you are so qualified maybe you are an asset to a mayor corporation in Mexico and they can send you to work USA,,, my best advice consult with a immigration lawyer fist visit is free,,, good luck!!

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