Andrew Thomas shows lack of Law Knowledge Its no secret that David M Cantor, a Phoenix DUI Lawyer, has issue with how Andrew Thomas conducted himself as Maricopa County Attorney. We have posted a few videos regarding this. Today David talks about Thomas’ response to the “legitimacy of the State Bar of Arizona’s case to have him disbarred”. Thomas is arguing that “the state Bar’s independent investigator, John Gleason” is not qualified to handle the case since he is not licensed to practice law in Arizona. He also argues that the Supreme Court’s probable-cause panelist, former Chief Justice Charles Jones, went beyond his authority by recommending that Thomas be disbarred. If you have watched our Blog before you may have seen our video on Pro Hoc Vice. In that video David explains how Lawyers can practice law in any state whether they are licensed for that particular state or not. This is how OJ’s dream team was brought together. So it seems that Mr. Thomas is confused about how that part of the law works. His statement about Chief Justice Charles Jones going too far in his recommendation of disbarment for the former Maricopa County Attorney. So the body responsible for ruling on a lawyers disbarment cannot make the recommendation? That is another odd interpretation of Law Mr. Thomas. It will be interesting to see how this progresses now that Thomas has formally filed against the State Bar complaint. He is due back for hearings on April 14 along with his two former deputies, Lisa Aubuchon and
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Orlando Criminal Lawyer Richard Hornsby is asked by Fox 35 reporter Shannon Butler to discuss the likely success of Jose Baez’s attempt to have the prosecution removed from the case.
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