Am I in legal trouble for fraud? I am in the midst of a divorce and it is getting pretty ugly. All of our?

Question by ei_beachhouse: Am I in legal trouble for fraud? I am in the midst of a divorce and it is getting pretty ugly. All of our?
cell phones are in my husbands name. We have 4 lines and all are listed in HIS name. Well, I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted my line free from his view. He was constantly checking my cell phone records to try to catch me up in something as he fears I’m with another person. That is not the case but I know he is checking so I thought it best to release myself from HIS lines.

Well, I called the cell provider and they said that only HE could allow me to release my number to my name. Well, I asked a friend (male) if he would call and pretent to be my husband and take care of this. He did so and they asked him to identify himself. My friend claimed that he was my husband. They asked for his ss# and again, my friend gave them my husbands information.

Here’s the problem. I admit that I have made the divorce very difficult for him and to be honest details don’t matter here. However, I now regret my decision to make this as painful as I have when it was me who asked for the divorce.

Regardless, I have a close friend that is also friends with my husband and he explained to me this evening that he saw my husband and that my husband had called the cell provider about this and they (through his lawyer) are providing him with the recorded call. I did not know the call was recorded but I’m sure (looking back) that I just overlooked this.

Any way, the cell provider states that if it was not him that I can lose the number as it was in HIS name and that I have comitted fraud. I believe he called it “subscription fraud”. Our mutual friend also claimed that he has obtained a lawyer (just to get me in trouble no doubt) other than his divorce lawyer and is looking into having me charged with subscription fraud as well as identity theft. I do not run from the fact that I did do this to make him mad yet I NEVER dreamed what I was doing was that big of a deal. My husband is well connected around town and has a few high dollar lawyer friends/sharks that would be happy to take on this case at no charge to him.

Could I be in legal trouble when after all it was not me that made the call it was a friend of mine. I did not make the call. Could my friend be in trouble for doing so? My husband does not like this friend and would be thrilled if he thought he could get him in trouble. I also think if my husband could sue my friend for financial compensation he’d do so.

PLEASE tell me what I can do.

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Answer by martinmagini
Well, I don’t know. Was the call made from your cell phone? You probably should consult a lawyer. May I also advise you not to make the divorce as difficult as you can. It makes you look bad and just drags things out. Get your own cell phone. No need to keep clinging to your husband. It’s time for you to make your own life, let go of the past, and move on.

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