A satisfied client explains how Taubman Law took her settlement from $3000 to $50000

After settling a personal injury case, a Taubman Law client explains how she was walked through the process. Her experience with Bruce Taubman of Taubman Law showed her that she had an attorney who cared about explaining the legal steps to her and one that wouldn’t stop until she got the results she deserved. In this video, she explains why she fired a lawyer who couldn’t get the job done and how Taubman Law got her 000. For more about Taubman Law, visit
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A video walkthrough for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All (also known as Phoenix Wright 2) for the Nintendo DS, covering Episode 2: Reunion and Turnabout, part 10 of 25. In this part, Detective Gumshoe comes up with a scenario for how the murder took place, one which accounts for the fact that the victim tried to shoot Maya at a distance after being stabbed. The problem, though, is that Maya had to be close to the victim to stab him, but far away from the victim to be shot from a distance. Neither Gumshoe nor Franziska can adequately explain the situation. Phoenix further proves that Maya was far away from the victim by pointing the bullet hole made in the folding screen near the wall of the room. The hole is near to the ground. Therefore, Maya was near to the ground, next to the folding screen, when she was shot. Therefore, she was NOT attempting to kill the victim! Trial then takes a recess as Franziska prepares to call the next witness. Brought to you by
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