A Bite of the Apple

A Bite of the Apple

A Bite of the Apple is a poignant, humorous history of what goes on in and outside court rooms, law offices, judge’s chambers, funeral parlors and prisons told through the eyes of a trial lawyer. The renderings are not, strictly speaking, short stories, nor are they vignettes or anecdotes. They are truthful histories from the perspective of an attorney with more than thirty years experience and over 1000 cases as a trial lawyer. The judge who picked up the hitchhiker, the juror at the perfume counter, the Black Panther, the arsonist and the peeping Tom are universal stories that contain their own truths and metaphors. The client who heard voices, the clairvoyant, the Watergate lawyer, the welfare mother who believed she was told to say she played tennis, the client who didn’t trust his own lawyer, and the judge who asked everyone to laugh, – the histories are incisive and gut wrenching and some are side-splittingly funny. The stories exist for themselves and are not told for any lesson-giving or proselytizing, although the great lesson to be taken from the book is the very human face it puts on our system of justice.
I have written A Bite of the Apple 75 True Tales of a Trial Lawyer for the fans of old shows like Law and Order and The Practice, and new ones like CSI Miami and Boston Legal; for readers of Grisham and Scott Turow, for those who couldn’t get enough of F. Lee Bailey and Gerry Spence and Johnnie Cochran and now Nancy Grace or Larry King. The book gives a very human insight from a trial lawyer’s perspective into the world of judges, attorneys, those accused of a crime, and the entire judicial system.
These are not stories, they are events. True occurrences. History, with a human tilt and an ironic perspective, unique and sui generis. Any writer in the crime genre, in the courtroom drama genre, will take a look at these histories and recommend them. “This is what it’s really like.” The motivation to buy this book will be widespread among any one who is an attorney, who uses an attorney, who knows an attorney, or who wants to be one. Or who can’t stand attorneys. (“See, I told you.”)

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